Webinar: Capital Market Technology Trends & Priorities 2022


This Thursday, July 21st, 2022 at 11:00 am, Integrity Research Associates will host the next in its series of live ResearchInsights webinars featuring two executives from Singletrack, a UK capital markets client engagement and analytics provider, to discuss Capital Market Technology Trends & Priorities 2022.   

This Week’s Webinar

Many analysts believe that banks are in the process of adopting disruptive technologies to optimize their business operations, increase revenue, and deliver sustainable returns.  However, many of the technology platforms currently employed by capital markets firms remain unchanged from the siloed systems used in prior decades. The key question is whether management at these firms are actually changing their attitudes about leveraging innovative technology, data and analytics to enhance their capital market operations and decision making? 

This week’s upcoming webinar Capital Market Technology Trends & Priorities 2022 will discuss the results of a recent survey of sell-side investment banks, broker-dealers, and IRPs on a variety of related issues.  On Thursday, July 17th, 2022 at 11:00 am ET Michael Mayhew of Integrity Research Associates will interview Todd Klein and Liz Fidler of Singletrack, a UK capital markets client engagement and analytics provider.  A few of the topics this webinar will address include:

  • How important is it to the success of today’s banks, brokers and IRPs to base key management decisions on real-time data / analytics from their capital markets, brokerage or research operations?
  • What are the most important technology investment priorities for these firms over the upcoming twelve to twenty-four months?
  • What are these firms’ key growth priorities for the coming few years?
  • What types of analytics would be most important for these firms to use in their management decision making process? 
  • Are these firms integrating AI / ML into their decision support systems?
  • How do these firms meet their technology requirements?
  • What are the major impediments to connecting their various decision support systems?

Click here to register for this week’s live panel discussion. The two industry executives on this week’s panel include:

Todd Klein, Head of US Operations, Singletrack

Born and raised in Ohio, Todd brings solid, midwestern values to the fast-paced city of New York. He was fortunate enough to join Singletrack at the point where they were leveraging their UK success into the US market and has been instrumental in increasing revenue in North American over ten fold in the past six years. Prior to joining Singletrack, Todd spent over a decade on the sell side in various research management positions at several market-leading investment banks and broker dealers.

Liz Fidler, Head of Marketing, Singletrack

Since joining Singletrack over four years ago, Liz has successfully built a strong brand presence for Singletrack in Capital Markets, created an extensive thought leadership programme and created a robust lead generation process across multiple channels, working closely with the best sales and marketing team she has had the privilege to meet. She has extensive knowledge of financial technology marketing and communications, with over 25 years’ experience.

This week’s Capital Market Technology Trends and Priorities 2022 panel is one in a series of online events organized by Integrity Research Associates covering various sectors, themes, and topics that asset managers have asked us about. Click here to register for this week’s live panel discussion.


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Mike Mayhew is one of the leading experts on the investment research industry. In addition to founding Integrity Research, Mike is on the board of directors of Investorside Research Association, the non-profit trade association for the independent research industry, and a frequent speaker on research industry trends and developments. Mike has over thirty years of research industry experience. Email: Michael.Mayhew@integrity-research.com

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