What Happened to Integrity’s Blog???


Fear not, loyal readers, Integrity’s venerable blog lives on. It now has a new home, http://www.integrity-research.com/blog/, and a new offspring. The offspring contains all the research industry news and commentary our loyal readers have asked for: people moves, more European coverage, current industry trends, our proprietary studies, and so on. There is a small catch, however, which is that the new service isn’t free.

Over the weekend, we launched a redesigned website (www.integrity-research.com) which includes the blog and the new service, ResearchWatch[1]. Some of you helped us test out the new site before we launched, and we are grateful.

Having blogged for a decade, we can’t stop now. We will continue to produce at least two blog posts a week, as readers have come to expect. We will also be sending out an email every Monday[2] with summaries of recent articles, including premium articles which are designated as such.

The new service was inspired by a readership survey we conducted last year. Readers said they wanted more content more frequently and asked for additional topics such as people moves, business models, sales and marketing activities, and pricing.

We have been madly writing articles for the new service for over 3 months, trying to do what our readers requested.  We are averaging around a dozen articles a week, and over a third of the articles are exclusive to ReseachWatch (meaning you won’t see them anywhere else.)

At the moment, many of the exclusives relate to earnings releases. Unlike the earnings releases many of you parse, we are focusing on firms that provide investment research and look at their research-related revenues (and in some case profits). Other exclusives include people moves where we hear of it before the media, new research firms and/or new research products, our survey results, research metrics we collect, among others.

We also have enlisted guest contributors[3] with specific expertise such as recruiting, sales, and technology to add their insights.   We are also drawing on contributors in Europe and Asia to increase coverage of events impacting the research industry in other regions.

OK, how much does the new service cost, you ask? Answer: a measly $49 per month or $499 per year (getting two months free). De minimus for keeping you on top of the frenetic research industry you can’t seem to extract yourself from, try as you might. If you want to take a free 30 day trial you can sign up at https://www.integrity-research.com/free-trial/.

If you just want the blog, thank you very much, you can sign up to receive an email when we post free articles only at https://www.integrity-research.com/rss-feed/.

As always, we value your feedback and insights. If you have advice, suggestions, gripes, whatever, don’t hesitate to let us know at editorial@integrity-research.com.

[1] Yes, we used to call the blog ResearchWatch but decided to name the blog for what it is. Apologies to readers who have been legitimately confused by this.

[2] We did not send out an email this past Monday because we were still making sure live site was working properly.

[3] If you are interested in being a guest contributor, drop us a line at editorial@integrity-research.com.


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Sandy Bragg is a principal at Integrity Research Associates. He has over thirty years experience as an investment research professional. Prior to joining Integrity in 2006, he was an Executive Managing Director at Standard & Poors, managing S&P’s equity research business and fund information properties. Sandy has an MBA from New York University and BA from Williams College. Email: Sanford.Bragg@integrity-research.com

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