Win Ben Stein’s endorsement – AMI seals the deal


New York – According to a press release dated yesterday (May 17, 2011), Ben Stein has signed on as spokesperson for Accredited Members, Inc. (AMI) – a leading publisher of information and investment research on small- and nano-cap stocks.  Membership in AMI includes access to conferences, a quarterly magazine and a monthly research report, as well as access to online tools.

What is Ben Stein best known for?  You may remember that Ben Stein was the teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (Bueller…Bueller). He was also an award winning game show host, with Jimmy Kimmel in “Win Ben Stein’s Money”. He is a commentator on economics, finance and politics through multiple venues. But this is just the fun side of his resume. He was a speech writer for both Nixon and Ford, was a lawyer (Yale) and Time Magazine speculated that he was “Deep Throat” in the Watergate scandal.

Given his well-known persona, his pithy speaking style and his knowledge of economics and finance, he is a solid choice as spokesperson for AMI.

Being an independent source of small cap research provider, AMI offers investment research, conferences, publications and online tools to its members. AMI is not the only supplier of small cap research, but they are rare in that they do not have a paid-for research approach. A number of small-cap research firms get paid by the small-cap companies that are being covered, which introduces conflicts that the paid-for providers have to address. AMI, on the other hand, presents a view that is independent in the sense that they do not have a paid-for model and do not offer banking services to the companies they cover.



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