Bloomberg to Launch ESG Product


New York – In the near future Bloomberg will launch a product that will share the ESG research space with firms such as Riskmetrics, KLD Research & Analytics, and Jantzi Research, among others.

Bloomberg’s ESG product will allow clients to easily search, display, and store relevant ESG data on public companies. Furthermore, the new product will have no additional cost to clients who already subscribe to Bloomberg’s data product.

We have reported in the past how the recent economic downturn moved several sell-side firms to ax their ESG divisions. In the independent research area however, we are observing a different trend. Research providers, especially the bigger players, are allocating resources to expand their ESG offerings. Two examples include Riskmetrics, which recently acquired Innovest to offer its clients comprehensive ESG coverage; and Bloomberg’s new ESG-specific product.

This trend of strengthening ESG offerings will motivate players in the space to differentiate their products and services to stay alive in a more competitive environment. In fact, as of August 1st of 2009 Integrity’s database included 41 independent ESG research firms around the world. Bloomberg will become our 42nd addition in this category and the list seems to keep growing. In terms of geographical location, Europe leads the group with 21 firms, including the ones in Continental Europe as well as the UK. North America follows with 13 firms (14, including Bloomberg), and Asia/Pacific is last with 5.  

In preparation to the launching of their ESG product Bloomberg has been conducting market research to clearly understand their clients’ needs. Their product will leverage on the thousands of data points currently collected and arrange them in a way that allows clients to effectively conduct ESG analysis. Furthermore, Bloomberg will offer access to environmental indices, alternative energy monitoring, ESG news monitoring, peer comparison on ESG issues, energy markets coverage, energy assets and emissions data, and carbon emission data, among others.

Bloomberg is still in the building stages of this new product and the company is eager to receive feedback from clients and potential users. To make suggestions or to request a demo of the product, please contact Rina Levy at

Source: Integrity Research Associates LLC

Source: Integrity Research Associates LLC



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