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Connotate Technologies, Inc. announced on Wednesday that the company will be supplementing its existing product offerings with new features aimed at increasing the ease with which clients can use the platform.  As the buy side downsizes, Integrity sees a greater interest in productivity tools such as those offered by Connotate and its competitors.The product enhancements include an on-Demand Library of available user-generated search agent applications, the ability to instantly see sample Agent output while browsing through the Express Subscriber feature, and an Excel Plug-in, all intended to improve client productivity.  Other features, such as the increased ability to extract data from Java-based websites and the allowance of greater control over graph and trend lines seem aimed at improving the overall performance of the platform.  The new features have been added to the platform as a result of feedback garnered from customers and the market in general.

In the past, Integrity Research has written about how data-mining programs, such as Connotate, can aid with managing the massive volumes of information available to investors these days. Improvements to their platform such as those mentioned above further aid in this goal.  Connotate believes that its product can save its clients money by creating intelligent tools which save labor on tedious tasks and freeing employees for more thought intensive work.

Connotate closed a financing transaction in December of last year for an undisclosed amount which may have given them the capital necessary to complete these improvements.  The firm is also a part of Goldman’s Hudson Street program.

Connotate provides customized search software that collects, organizes, and monitors deep web content. The firm services a variety of client types, including financial services firms, hedge funds, global publishers and online media companies; pharmaceutical, energy and Internet companies; and federal and state government agencies. These clients use Connotate software to mine and monitor market data, news articles, press releases, competitive market intelligence, and quantitative data.

The firm’s standard software package is called the Connotate Agent Community GEN2 platform. This service contains three components: an Agent Library, an Agent Studio and an Agent Server. The Agent Studio allows users to create and train agents to aggregate content; the Agent Library allows users to locate and personalize pre-existing search agents; the Agent Server implements the agents and the Agent Monitor provides diagnostics which reconcile exceptions of the system. Connotate can deliver content in XML format and integrates with existing email, wireless, database, and spreadsheet systems. The New Research Platform provides qualitative and quantitative research and data including news, alerts, and time-series data for modeling, analytics, and trend analysis.

Connotate’s press release on its new features can be found here.


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