Equity Research Spending Projected to Double in Next 5 Years


US investors are projected to spend almost $19 billion on equity research in 2008 – more than double the $9.2 billion that was spent in 2003.

“The equity research industry is undergoing a significant transition that will continue in the foreseeable future,” notes Michael W. Mayhew, CEO of Integrity Research Associates, LLC. “Our analysis shows that sell-side research – conducted primarily by Wall Street investment banks and brokerage firms – has seen its heyday.” Although sell-side research revenue is projected to almost double between 2003 and 2008, its share of the equity research market will drop from 64.2% to 54% during that same period.

This forecast is included in a newly released research report titled the 2004 US Equity Research Industry Outlook, written and published by Integrity Research Associates, LLC. The first of its kind report describes the key developments in equity research during the past decade; analyzes the forces behind these changes; outlines the most critical challenges facing the three major sources of equity research – sell-side firms, buy-side firms, and independent research firms; and forecasts the market’s growth over the next five years.  Read the entire Press Release for this new syndicated research report on http://www.integrity-research.com/2004_ERIO_Press_Release.pdf.

For more information on how to purchase this syndicated research report, go to http://www.integrity-research.com/2004erio-c.html.


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