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New York-BNY ConvergEx announced that Eze Castle Software, a leading provider of order management systems, continued its strong growth in 2006. According to BNY ConvergEx, Eze Castle revenues grew nearly 35% during the year, reflecting growth in its client base and expanded products.

Eze Castle Growth

Eze Castle provides order management systems (OMS), which are designed to streamline the trading “back office” for investment managers. OMS systems are set up to automate order creation, order management, execution, and settlement data transfers. Eze Castle has recently been adding compliance capabilities to its OMS framework, representing a major product extension. Eze Castle indicated it had signed 58 new clients for its OMS systems and 22 new clients for its compliance capabilities in 2006.

Eze Castle merged with BNY’s Brokerage operations in October 2006 to form BNY ConvergEx. BNY retained a 35.4% ownership in the new entity, and GTCR, a private equity firm based in Chicago, contributed capital to obtain an equal 35.4% ownership. The remaining 19.4% is owned by management of the new entity.

Eze Castle’s revenues were around $43 million in 2005, indicating that revenues at year end 2006 were between $57 and 58 million, if you apply the 35% growth rate announced for 2006. While a healthy growth rate, it is down from the 50% CAGR that Eze Castle has enjoyed since its founding in 1995. Nevertheless, Eze Castle continues to be one of the leading OMS suppliers, particularly for the buy-side, despite strong competition from Sungard, Bloomberg, SS&C, Cognizant and others.

The full press release follows…

BNY ConvergEx Group’s Eze Castle Software Announces Record Results in 2006

NEW YORK, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — BNY ConvergEx Group, LLC, a leader in agency brokerage and investment technology solutions, announced today that member company Eze Castle Software LLC (ECS) achieved record results in 2006. Over a ten year span, ECS has consistently seen rapid client adoption and revenue growth. In 2006, ECS signed 58 new order management system (OMS) clients and 22 new compliance clients and completed over 90 product implementations. Additionally, it increased revenue by nearly 35%, continued to expand functionality across its product suite, and completed the transformational deal to form BNY ConvergEx Group. Today, ECS products are used by nearly 300 buy-side firms world-wide, with 90% trading multiple asset classes through the ECS OMS.

ECS credits its growth in 2006 to its cutting-edge technology, commitment to client service, and industry reputation as a premier OMS provider. “Our continued success is a direct result of our firm’s commitment to client service and technology,” says Tom Gavin, CEO of Eze Castle Software. “Our high-touch client service and consulting model doesn’t stop after an implementation or upgrade. We go beyond delivering a product to the client’s desktop. We view our clients as our partners, seeking their feedback on our strategic initiatives to ensure we deliver the tools they want and need. This support model contributed to the record signing of 58 clients and the completion of 92 product implementations in 2006.”

ECS continued to enhance its OMS and product suite to offer more intuitive workflows for the trader across asset classes, expand the depth of asset class and compliance functionality, increase the electronic trading offering, and introduce new initiatives for integrating BNY ConvergEx Group offerings, such as Jaywalk Consensus research ratings, into the OMS. “Our clients look to us to incorporate the most robust global investment technology solutions into their investment workflow. This includes technology to handle multi-strategy and multi-asset class investing, connectivity to multiple execution destinations, settlement data transfers, and compliance monitoring,” says Sean Sullivan, EVP and Director of Global Sales for Eze Castle Software.

ECS also saw a significant increase in the adoption of electronic trading by its OMS users. The number of client electronic trading connections administered and supported by ECS increased 81% in 2006. Today, ECS supports the largest number of electronic trading connections of any OMS provider.

On October 2, 2006, ECS transformed their company by joining forces with BNY Securities Group to form BNY ConvergEx Group. ECS views this new company as another step in providing their clients the tools and resources they want to trade more competitively and efficiently. “Our new company enables us to bring new resources and product lines to our clients. This venture gives ECS the right partner for taking our product and service offerings to the next level,” says Gavin.

“Eze Castle Software’s management team, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to client service are critical components of their success and the success of BNY ConvergEx Group,” says Joseph M. Velli, Chairman and CEO of BNY ConvergEx Group. “Eze Castle Software is a key player in our initiatives to bring new ConvergEx product lines to market in 2007. This includes a crossing network, integrated research offering, and an OMS/EMS solution.”

Eze Castle Software is a leading provider of technology solutions to multi-strategy, global investment managers and a member of BNY ConvergEx Group. ECS delivers technology to support multi-asset-class order management, compliance, portfolio modeling, electronic trading, third-party data integration, mobile connectivity, real-time p/l, and commission management. They currently support nearly 300 installations of the product suite world-wide.

Key accomplishments in 2006 include: * Signed 58 new OMS clients and 22 new compliance clients. * Completed 92 product implementations for OMS, Compliance, PMC, Commission Optimizer, and EzeMobile. * Revenue growth increased by nearly 35%. * Achieved 81% growth in electronic trading connectivity, maintaining its leadership position supporting the largest number of electronic trading connections of any OMS firm. * Increased development and support staff by 30% and now has 225 employees globally. * Continued to add more functionality to support growing trends in trading, portfolio management, and asset class coverage. * Now 90% of ECS clients are trading multiple asset classes through the ECS OMS. * Completed transformational deal to form BNY ConvergEx Group. * Received several awards including: — Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 list of New England’s fastest growing technology companies, ranked #43. — Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 list of fastest growing technology companies in the US, ranked #409. — Securities Tech 50 list of largest front-office solution providers by user count, ranked #26. — Alpha Magazine’s Alpha Award for Service Providers, recognized as a top provider of trade order management systems.


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