Guidepoint Global launches Genetic Disorder Tracker


New York – Guidepoint Global, a provider of primary research and a well-established expert network, launched its Genetic Disorder Tracker, a new data service covering commercial trends on the treatment of eight rare genetic disorders.

Guidepoint Global covers various industries including technology, media, and energy, among others. The company’s cross-industry coverage benefited from its acquisition of Vista Research last May. However, Guidepoint’s traditional strength has been its coverage of the healthcare industry. The Genetic DisorderTracker is the 28th service developed by Guidepoint Global covering select medical technology and therapeutic industries.

The new service releases data on a monthly basis. It aggregates the usage of about a dozen therapies reported by a clinical sample of over 100 sites globally. The service collects data on volume, market share, drug penetration rates, therapy-switching, patient activity, and the geographically-stratified performance of leading company participants.

The company participants include Genzyme, Shire, BioMarin, Merck Serono, Actelion, Pfizer, and Protalix, among others. The rare disorders covered by Genetic Disorder Track are: Gauche’s disease, Fabry’s disease, PKU, MPS I (Hurler Syndrome), MPS II, MPS VI (Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome), niemann=Pick disease, and Pompe disease.


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