Morningstar and Jaywalk get a big win


According to reports from Dow Jones, the Associates Press, and Reuters this afternoon, Merrill Lynch & Co. has elected to distribute independent research from Morningstar and BNY Jaywalk to its customers under the terms of the global research settlement.

Morningstar, typically known for its mutual fund ratings, will be providing fundamental research reports for approximatly 950 of the 1000 stocks covered by Merrill Lynch equity analysts.  Merrill Lynch’s independent research consultant, Ms. Bridget Macaskill,  also reportedly selected research from 20 of the 100 independent research firms aggregated on the BNY Jaywalk platform.

Merrill Lynch is the fourth of the 10 investment banks involved in the global research settlement to announce its plans to provide independent research.  Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and UBS have previously announced they had signed contracts with BNY Jaywalk.

The win for Morningstar is the firm’s first settlement related deal, and it comes at an auspicious moment as the company is expected to go public in the next few months in a $100 million public offering.

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