RP – M&A, Dissolutions, Name Changes in April


New York – Every month Integrity’s database team in Des Moines prepares a list of changes to the database made during the month. We make best efforts to remain up to date on all changes to the over 3,000 firms we cover, but we scrub each record in the database at least annually. For the month of April, we made changes to 14 research providers.

These changes include dissolutions, mergers, acquisitions, name changes, or other changes.  During April, we had 4 firms that were dissolved. As is well know, getting this information is not always that easy. We tend to rely on state filings of dissolution to confirm this information. The firms that we deactivated due to dissolution were: Bulldog Research, Bondtalk.com, Seventh Wave Systems and Weisser Group. Another firm, J Giordano stopped producing research. 

M&A changes included the purchase of Jupiter Research by Forrester, the purchase of Footnoted.com by Morningstar and the purchase of HW2 Partners by Industrial Advisors.

 Biologic Investment Research changed its name to Biologic Equity Research, Register & Akers changed its name to Register Financial Associates, Retail Forward changed its name to Kantar Retail and SGX Advisors changed its name to SGH Macro Advisors.


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