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New York – Sermo, a physician-only online community, has created a new forum which will be accessible to investors interested in the healthcare industry through the Bloomberg Professional service. The forum is named The Healthcare Exchange TM, and will provide instant access to medical information released directly by physician members of the Sermo community.
The Sermo platform collects opinions and experiences from more than 90,000 physicians in the US, practicing in about 68 different specialties. Their opinions spin around healthcare topics such as medications, devices, and treatments, which can be of great relevance to investment decision-making.

Sermo’s new forum, The Healthcare Exchange, promises to put investors ahead in the information curve since the discussions often reveal market-changing trends before they are reported by other traditional information sources. It also allows investors to cross examine thesis or statements by corporations in the healthcare industry comparing them with the opinions of the practitioners on the field.

A press release by Sermo quotes the firm’s CEO and founder, Daniel Palestrant, M.D., on the basic idea behind Sermo’s offerings. “The Healthcare Exchange tears down the barriers between those who need information and those who have it.”

The Healthcare Exchange will be offered at no additional cost to subscribers to the Bloomberg Professional service. Alternative services from Sermo are available for additional fees. These services include breaking news surveys, customized surveys, and direct contact with some physicians.


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