Aiera Launches Two Ways to Integrate with OpenAI


A few weeks ago Aiera, a real time corporate event transcription provider, announced that it has launched two new offerings for investors to integrate its extensive database of live and historical Wall Street event data alongside OpenAI.

Aiera’s Newest Product Launches

Aiera’s first new product offering is a step-by-step instruction guide for large investment banks and institutional investors to build their own AI Assistant with direct access to Aiera’s event data.  This offering combines Aiera’s coverage of more than 60,000 events per year across 13,000+ equities, with OpenAI’s Assistant API.  This enables firms to build, configure, and manage their very own AI Assistant. 

Leveraging this offering, institutions can provide users freeform interrogation across earnings calls and other event types, customizing the Assistant to exactly fit their needs.  The Build-Your-Own Assistant allows firms to retain ownership over the data and tools they create, align with internal workflows, and control data-driven outputs.

Aiera’s second offering is an Aiera-powered GPT which is accessible from OpenAI’s GPT marketplace.  This out-of-the-box, specialized event Assistant allows users to interrogate corporate events via the ChatGPT interface, all powered by Aiera’s underlying event data and coverage universe.  

Leveraging the Aiera-powered GPT, users can generate event summaries and extract highlights, build a SWOT analysis, run a comparison of historical earnings calls, identify price reactions during an event, handle unstructured Q&A, etc.  While this tool provides less customization, it requires no development resources, allowing analysts to instantly have access to event-focused LLM tooling.

Ken Sena, Co-Founder and CEO of Aiera explaining the rationale for these two new offerings saying, “In an LLM-powered world, it is more important than ever to control and manage your own data.  Rather than having to choose between relying on ChatGPT to find the data you need on the open web, or the expense and effort to build a model entirely from scratch, you can now build an Assistant atop these foundational models more quickly, cheaply, and securely, with Aiera as a content source and partner.”

Our Take

Founded in 2016, Aiera is a speech to text and search platform founded by former internet analyst at Evercore ISI Ken Sena (CEO) and Amazon Alexa engineering lead Bryan Healey (CTO).  Since the firm’s initial founding, Aiera has been repositioned as platform providing real-time corporate event transcripts and insights.  Aiera now leverages AI and machine learning to provide real time transcription, auto-summarization, one-click audio streaming, DVR-style live audio controls, smart document search, dynamic alerts, and seamless team collaboration on over 60,000 public investor events spanning more than 13,000 global equities.

Since its founding, Aiera has closed three funding rounds totaling $21.7 mln.  This includes a seed round in December 2018 of $3.5 mln; a Series A funding round of $6.7 mln which closed in February 2020; and, a $11.5 mln venture round which closed in January 2023.  In May 2023, Aiera put some of this capital to work when it acquired financial event data firm Columba Systems.

Aiera’s recent launch of two ways to integrate its extensive library of real-time Wall Street events data with OpenAI makes considerable sense as a growing number of firms have been trying to leverage Generative AI and LLMs as part of their workflows.  Aiera has provided two different ways for clients to access their data – either for clients to build their own AI Assistants, or to build a ready-made AI Assistant offered by Aiera.  We suspect these two new offerings will be attractive to clients who want to access Wall Street event data from AI Assistants.

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