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Morningstar’s 4th Qtr & Full Year 2023 Results Look Strong

Last week Morningstar (MORN), a Chicago-based provider of investment research and data services, reported a strong financial performance for the fourth quarter and full year 2023, bolstered primarily by strength ...

German Asset Managers Question ESG Data and Rating Services

According to a recent study by Germany’s financial market regulator BaFin, German asset managers have raised concerns over the services provided by ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data and rating ...

Reddit User Content Licensed for $60 Million / Year

Last week, Reddit inked a massive deal with Google to license its user’s content by giving it access to their API for $60 mln per year in order to train ...

S&P Global Acquires Visible Alpha

S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) recently announced an agreement to acquire Visible Alpha, a New York-based research technology firm offering sell-side financial models, fundamental data and related analytics founded by a ...

Economic Data Provider Truflation Raises $6 Million

Truflation, an Austin, TX-based provider of real-time economic and financial data, successfully concluded a $6 million funding round led by Laser Digital and Red Beard Ventures, as well as a ...

Tegus Launches Revolutionary All-In-One Investment Research Platform

Chicago based financial information provider Tegus, recently announced the launch of its all-in-one investment research platform including Tegus’ expert transcripts and including Canalysts’ financial modeling software. The Integration of Canalyst ...

Visible Alpha Launches New BioPharma Platform

Visible Alpha, a New York-based research technology firm founded by a consortium of sell-side investment banks, recently announced the launch of its latest data and financial information platform, Visible Alpha ...

Senators Propose Legislation to Thwart SEC AI Rule

Recently two U.S. senate republicans introduced legislation targeted at preventing the SEC from implementing its highly controversial rule to control the use of artificial intelligence in the financial services industry. ...
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Where We Are in Generative AI Compliance – Part 2

The following guest article was written by Dallán Ryan, Head of Content Strategy at Eagle Alpha, an alternative data aggregation platform that also provides supporting advisory services for data buyers ...
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Wall Street Starts 2024 off with Negative Jobs Outlook

Wall Street layoffs rose for the fourth consecutive month to hit 23,238 layoffs – the highest monthly layoff total since September 2018.  Hiring plans also remained weak in January as ...
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