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Buy-Side Research Budgets Continue to Shrink Despite Rebundling Potential

According to a recent study conducted by Substantive Research, a UK-based research discovery and research spend analytics provider, asset managers’ average research budgets have continued to shrink in 2023, reflecting ...

The Surge in Buy-Side Market Data Spending: What’s Driving It?

The investment world is gearing up for a substantial increase in market data spending, with a focus specifically on fixed income, equities, and ETFs. According to a report published by ...

Bloomberg Survey Shows ESG Spending Expected to Increase in 2023

Spending on ESG data is expected to increase rapidly in 2023, according to a new survey of more than 100 portfolio managers, climate risk executives, and data management executives conducted ...

Deloitte’s 2023 Report on Financial Service Use of Alternative Data and AI

Deloitte recently released their Financial Services Industry 2023 Predictions, which focus heavily on the use of alternative data by asset managers.  The following article provides a quick review of the ...
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Hiatus in Alternative Data Staffing Levels: Pause that Refreshes?

Employee levels at alternative data firms have been flat lining over the past twelve months as the post-Covid surge in online activity has slowed.  Our index of employee registrations on ...

Market Views on Likely Research Payment Solutions Post “No Action” Letter Expiration

A few weeks ago, global agency broker StoneX sponsored a webinar about the likely research payment solutions once the SEC’s MiFID II “No Action” letter expires in July.  The following ...

Survey: A Minority of Investors Think Their Firms’ Process for Using Alt Data is Excellent

According to a recent survey sponsored by Exabel, the Oslo-based alternative data analytics provider, a mere 23% of professional investors surveyed describe their firms’ process for using alternative data in ...

European Managers Maintain their Overly Optimistic View on Research Payments

According to a survey conducted recently by UK-based Substantive Research, 60% of European asset managers expect to use cash to pay brokers for both US and European sell-side research, though ...

Alt Data Use Increasing Among a Range of Investors

New York law firm Lowenstein Sandler recently announced its 2022 report on alternative data use.  The survey, which is the third annual survey on this topic, finds demand increasing for alternative data—not ...

2022 Euro IRP Member Survey: IRPs Remain Concerned over Predatory Pricing from Sell-Side Research Groups

The recently released 2022 Euro IRP Member Study revealed a number of key findings, including concerns from over 70% of survey participants about predatory pricing from sell-side investment banks regarding ...
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