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Brightwave Raises $6 Million in Seed Funding to Launch AI-Powered Financial Research Assistant

Brightwave, an innovative AI-powered research assistant designed to generate insightful and reliable financial analysis, recently announced the raising of $6 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by ...

Can Large Language Models Revolutionize Financial Statement Analysis?

A recent academic study by researchers Alex G. Kim, Maximilian Muhn, and Valeri V. Nikolaev at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has shed some light on the ...

AlphaSense Acquires Tegus for $930 mln

Earlier this week, market intelligence and search platform AlphaSense, announced that it would acquire Chicago-based expert transcript and investment tool provider Tegus for $930 mln.  As part of this deal, ...

Facteus Partners with to Launch Stratum 3 Data Suite

Facteus, a leading provider of consumer transaction data and insights, and, a  machine learning platform for nowcasting and forecasting based on various types of alternative data, recently announced the ...
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Is AI a Revenue Opportunity for Investment Research and Alt Data Firms?

Last week, News Corp and OpenAI signed a multi-year partnership.  One of the relevant questions this news poses for research and alternative data providers is whether AI might become a ...

Can AI Replace Stock Analysts?

A recent study by G. Nathan Dong from the Department of Finance at Boston College investigated whether artificial intelligence (AI) models using deep learning can outperform human equity research analysts ...

First Trust Launches First ETF Based on IRP New Constructs’ Research

Earlier this month, Wheaton Illinois-based fund manager First Trust filed a prospectus for the First Trust Bloomberg Core Earnings Leaders Index ETF.  This ETF is based on a proprietary measure ...

Toggle AI Acquires Atom Finance

Toggle AI, a leading provider of advanced AI solutions for investing, has announced its acquisition of Atom Finance, a prominent financial data and analysis platform.  Toggle AI currently serves hedge ...

Helios AI Launches Global Soft Commodities Supply and Pricing Tool

Last week, Helios AI launched its flagship product that forecasts global soft commodities prices and supply drivers for grains, fruits and vegetables.  This new service enables users interested in commodities ...

Daloopa Announces $18 Million Series B Funding Round

Daloopa, the New York-based provider of AI-powered fundamental data and KPIs on more than 3000 public companies, recently announced that it has successfully closed an $18 million Series B funding ...
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