CRUX Hosts Data & Sustainability Summit

Next week, data infrastructure provider Crux Informatics, will be hosting a two-day virtual summit titled The Latest in Sustainable Data Infrastructure and ESG Investing covering the latest in the sustainability of data infrastructure and the latest developments in the exploding ESG data category.


Crux has put together a compelling agenda for next week’s conference on ESG data and investing, and hundreds of senior executives from the data supplier, data consumer, and technology community have already registered for the event.  The conference will be held on Tuesday, June 23rd and Wednesday, June 24th and the agenda includes:     

  • Measuring the Environmental Impact of Technology & Data Infrastructure;
  • Finding Efficiencies in Data Consumption;
  • Why Financial Institutions Should Care About Data Sustainability;
  • State of the Market: ESG Investing;
  • Latest Use Cases in ESG Data;
  • Sourcing & Evaluating ESG Data;
  • The Path to Standardization in ESG Investing;
  • Beyond the Pandemic: What Does the Future Hold for ESG


Crux has invited more than two dozen thought leaders and experts in the field of sustainability, ESG and data technology to discuss the various topics listed above.  The speakers at next week’s summit include:

  • Curtis Ravenel – COP26 Private Finance & TCFD
  • Mamadou-Abou Sarr – V-Square Quantitative Management
  • Nikita Singhal – Lazard Asset Management, LLC
  • John Goldstein – Goldman Sachs
  • Evan Harvey – Nasdaq
  • Naomi English – MSCI
  • Chris Adams – Greening Digital
  • Siobhan Cleary – Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Philip Brittan – Crux Informatics
  • David Cox – Microsoft Digital
  • Natalie Hollier – ThoughtWorks
  • Gabriele Columbro – Fintec Open Source Foundation (FINOS)
  • Basil William – Welton Investment Partners
  • Yovanka Bylander – ISS
  • Todd Arthur Bridges – Arabesque Group
  • Julie Asri Meigh – Neudata
  • Sonal Dalal – SASB
  • Jared Westheim – Goldman Sachs
  • Lauren Smart – S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Mark Etherington – Crux Informatics
  • Anthony Miller – UNCTAD
  • Michael Rude – Crux Informatics
  • Niall Hurley – Eagle Alpha
  • Noel Friedman – MSCI
  • Heiko Bailer – RepRisk
  • Maggie Stafford – Morningstar
  • Leon Saunders Calvert – Refinitiv
  • Jason Taylor – Crux Informatics

Our Take

Our hats are off to Crux for hosting this interesting looking conference on Data & Sustainability.  Crux is not charging participants to attend next week’s conference, nor has it assembled a group of financial sponsors to underwrite the cost of the event.  Of course, this is more feasible for a virtual event than it is for a physical one.  Despite this fact, Crux undertook a considerable amount of work putting together the agenda, recruiting speakers, and marketing the event.  The firm has done this for one reason – to position itself as a thought leader in this growing field.  Click here if you wish to register for next week’s conference.