Data Minds: Data-Centric Trading & Risk Strategies for a Successful 2024


Corporate event data provider, Wall Street Horizon, will be hosting its first Data Minds webinar of 2024 this coming Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 11:00 am ET.  I will be moderating this 45 minute panel featuring four experienced data industry professionals.  Click here to register for this free online event.

Upcoming Data Minds Webinar

As 2024 gets underway, the financial markets face a number of headwinds, including uncertainty surrounding Fed policy, high interest rates, geopolitical turmoil, and historical debt levels.  As a result of these pressures, widespread corporate cost-cutting which started last year is likely to continue well into 2024.  Consequently, investment professionals will need to employ a more stringent vetting process as they evaluate their data needs and search for high-quality and differentiated data products.

During the upcoming Data Minds: Data-Centric Trading & Risk Strategies for a Successful 2024 session,  four experienced capital markets professionals will weigh in on how best to source and utilize data in these uncertain times to outperform your benchmark. A few of the topics we plan to discuss this coming Thursday include:

  • Global trading and risk outlook for 2024;
  • The best data sources to help navigate these risks;
  • “Best Practices” to conduct high quality data sourcing;
  • How to leverage the best data sources without having a team of data scientists at your disposal;
  • Key regulatory risks for the data industry;
  • Actionable AI use cases for investors;
  • Major themes that data consumers should focus on in 2024 and beyond.

Additional topics or questions that you would like to have this week’s Data Minds panel address should be forwarded to

The financial markets professionals who will be participating in Thursday’s panel include:


Michael Mayhew, CEO & Founder, Integrity Research Associates


Omer Cedar, CEO, Omega Point

Chris Petrescu, Founder of CP Capital, Formerly at ExodusPoint and WorldQuant

Alison Rooney, Global Head of Capital Markets Partnerships & Alliances, Google Cloud

Pranav Ghai, CEO, Calcbench

Click here to register for this week’s free online Data Minds webinar sponsored by corporate event data provider Wall Street Horizon.


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