Expert Network Aggregator Inex One Begins Aggregating Surveys


Stockholm-based Inex One, a marketplace for expert networks, launched a survey aggregation capability that allows users to evaluate multiple survey vendors for market research projects.[1]  The move follows a $3 million venture raise completed last year.     

Included in the Inex One portal, the new survey aggregation feature allows clients to get quotes from multiple survey vendors.  Users can send request for quotes (RFQs) and receive vendor bids through the platform, which also delivers survey results from vendors selected by clients.  At launch, the platform includes seven survey vendors including B2B providers ROI Rocket and Potloc as well as expert networks with survey capabilities. 

Inex One has over 25 expert networks participating on its platform, which consolidates expert sourcing, scheduling and invoicing across multiple expert networks. Usage is mostly pay-as-you-go after an initial prepayment of $5,000.  Inex One takes a commission from participating expert networks for consultations generated through its platform. 

Consulting firms represent Inex One’s largest client segment, reflecting CEO Max Friberg’s experience at McKinsey & Company prior to co-founding Inex One.  Clients also include corporate strategists, in addition to private equity firms and asset managers.  The firm says it has over 450 clients using the platform.  

Inex One was founded in 2018 by Max Friberg, a Swedish entrepreneur who previously worked for McKinsey and Oliver Wyman, and three others: Filip Gruvstad (CIO) who worked with Friberg at McKinsey; Josefine Vinberg (COO) and Mehdi Rejraji (CTO) who both have technology backgrounds.  Friberg had previously co-founded a Swedish expert network, Previro, before starting Inex One.

Inex One closed a $3 million venture round in 2021 led by J12 Ventures, a Swedish venture capital firm.  It subsequently hired an 8-year Gerson Lehrman Group veteran, Ana Price, as Head of Product, with an initial goal of launching the new survey capability.  The firm also appointed the former head of GLG’s financial services business to its advisory board.  The firm has been expanding in the US as CEO Friberg now divides his time between New York and the company’s home office in Stockholm.

Inex One currently has twenty-two employees.  It is recruiting for two open positions.  Employees are based in Stockholm, Singapore, and New York.

Our Take

Surveys are, like expert consultations, a key form of primary research. Just as expert networks have diversified into surveys, it is natural extension for an aggregation platform like Inex One. It doesn’t hurt that one of its board members, Richard Thornton, was the COO and Chief Commercial Officer at Cint, a major survey platform.

Inex One is smart to include survey specialists like ROI Rocket and Potloc. Surveys have very different attributes than sourcing experts, such as requiring expertise in survey design, enlisting sufficient participants to ensure the results are statistically significant, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that the survey design is adequate. For these reasons, the new survey capability seems a major step forward for Inex One.

[1] Integrity Research collaborates with Inex One in creating market sizing analysis of the expert network industry.


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