Inex One Launches Advisory Board

Inex One, the Stockholm-based expert network aggregator, recently announced the launch of its advisory board to help provide strategic guidance for the firm’s business development, compliance and product innovation initiatives.

Advisory Board Launch

Founded in 2017, Inex One is a provider of knowledge management and expert network aggregation solutions for private equity, asset management, consulting, and corporate users of third-party experts as part of their research and due diligence processes.  The firm just announced the launch of its advisory board, including:

  • Anders Fahlander – Former Senior Partner and Global Head of Technology Sector at BCG, San Francisco (board chair);
  • Cornelia Andersson – Former Senior VP, Global Head of Research and Market Data at Blackstone, London;
  • Sara Dillon – Former Chief Research Officer, VP Global Research at General Atlantic, New York;
  • John Woyton – Former Partner and leader of the TMT sector team at Advent International, London.

Max Friberg, CEO of Inex One commented on the launch of the new board of advisors, “I am honored to welcome these highly respected and experienced individuals to the Inex One advisory board.  They join Inex One at an exciting time as we continue our global expansion. Each advisory board member brings a unique perspective and a deep knowledge about this industry, and they will provide valuable guidance to help us on our mission to make expert calls better, smoother, and more efficient”.

Our Take

Despite a sharp downturn following the SEC’s insider trading probes in 2011 – 2013, the expert network industry has rebounded strongly in recent years to eclipse $1.3 bln in annual revenue in 2019, according to estimates made by Integrity Research Associates and Inex One. 

Not only has the business grown in recent years, but the number of expert networks has blossomed while the client base for these services has diversified.  Strategic consultants have been one of the fastest growing segments of the industry and now represent the largest segment.  Top consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain and BCG reportedly are spending as much as $120 million per year on expert networks, according to industry participants.  The corporate segment, although representing only a tenth of the industry spend, has also been growing.  In contrast, spending by hedge fund power users, the original engine for industry growth, has been relatively flat, and in some cases even shrinking.

Consequently, the marketplace for technology solutions to manage expert network use, like those provided by Inex One, has also grown as users of multiple expert networks look for cost-effective ways to streamline and make their research process more efficient.  Inex One management confirms these trends, explaining that use of their services has exploded by 600% since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the midst of a period of such robust growth, bringing on a slate of four extremely experienced advisors from the consulting, asset management, and private equity industries to help the company set strategic direction for their business development, compliance, and product development initiatives makes considerable sense. The real question is whether these advisors can help Inex One successfully navigate this period of rapid growth, and position the firm to continue growing in a post pandemic world? We will keep watching the ongoing developments with Inex One.