Integrity ResearchSelect® Case Studies

  • Video Game Trends – Client had been using sell-side research for trends and insight into the video game industry and wanted unique insight from independent firms which was not widely disseminated. Integrity recommended 2 firms with specialized capability in forecasting trends and 2 additional industry sources. The client hired three of the recommended sources.
  • Management Quality – Client was looking for global sources of various data related to corporate management quality. Integrity identified, vetted and recommended three data sources that provide historical databases on the corporate performance, executive compensation packages, and biographies of managers at public corporations.
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers – Client was looking for sources of insight into the heavy equipment manufacturing industry in order to estimate equipment sales trends and the current economic climate for manufacturers. Integrity recommended two unique independent consultancies with deep and wide-ranging experience of the global heavy equipment industry. Integrity also recommended a data mining company that would help to track global shipments of heavy equipment.
  • Short Ideas — Client had an interest in firms which specialized in forensic accounting and generating short ideas. Based on the clients budget and investment process, Integrity vetted and recommended 2 firms which the client had never heard of and was a perfect fit for their firm.
  • Pharmaceutical Company Prescriptions – Client was interested in conducting ongoing research of a pharmaceutical company with three different drugs on the market to treat extremely rare diseases. The company thought a tracking survey of prescribing doctors might be most appropriate. Integrity found vendors who could conduct these surveys, but also recommended a lower cost option–firms that collect prescription data on the drugs produced by the company in question. The client licensed prescription data from one of the firms we recommended.
  • China Real Estate – Client was looking for a firm that could conduct “on the ground” due diligence on close to a dozen individual real estate projects that a publically traded company had invested in that were located in mainland China. Integrity identified and recommended firms that had experience conducting this type of due diligence.
  • Restaurant Chain Sales – Client was interested in a better sense of sales trends at a specific chain restaurant for the year-to-date period. Integrity recommended 5 potential research providers including an industry consultant and channel check survey providers. To help evaluate the potential sources, Integrity vetted the firm’s compliance practices, provided sample reports on the specific company of interest, a score card comparing each firm’s historical performance in predicting sales trends and fee quotes from the providers.
  • Deception Training – Client was evaluating vendors offering deception training for analysts and portfolio managers to help identify areas where company management may be less than forthcoming.  Integrity identified five different options for the client, and highlighted strengths and weaknesses as well as costs involved.  The client chose one of the recommended firms.
  • Low Income BRIC Consumers – Client was interested in identifying survey research providers that could assist them in developing and implementing a market research study on consumer demand of low income respondents in the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Integrity recommended four global vendors who could fulfill the client’s research needs. Client hired one of the recommended vendors and successfully implemented the project.
  • International Insider Transaction Data – Client was looking for a source of “Form 4” data on an international basis. Integrity found five vendors who collected large historical data sets of corporate insider buying and selling. These vendors all focused on different countries of interest to the client.
  • Enterprise Collaboration Software – Client needed to conduct an extremely time sensitive survey of Chief Technology Officers at corporations that used software produced by an Enterprise Software company. Integrity recommended two firms with extensive contacts, human and technological resources, and industry expertise that would allow them to conduct the survey in a fast and cost-effective manner. Client eventually made a successful investment in the software company of interest based on the outcome of the survey.

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