Integrity ResearchSelect Case Studies – Energy

  • Tankers: Client was interested in the global supply/demand outlook for certain categories of oil tankers, forecasting tanker rates and market capacity, and understanding how major regulatory and oil industry changes would affect the tanker industry. Integrity found three providers to help the client answer these questions.The first was a ship brokerage that has relationships with ship owners and charterers in 90 countries, an extensive shipping database, and an experienced research team that provides market analysis on tankers. The second was an independent shipping consultancy that advises shippers, charterers, and ship owners around the world. The third was an independent research service that provides a highly detailed set of databases and publications on every aspect of the tanker industry, and keeps clients up-to-date with weekly shipping intelligence notes. These databases, reports, and experts enabled the client to test their investment hypothesis about the tanker market.
  • Shale Extraction: The client was looking for insights on equipment used for pressure pumping in shale fields in North America. Integrity Research integrity identified three research firms with extended knowledge and coverage of the shale extraction segment and the equipment involved.  Two of the firms were specialized industry consultants with expertise in machinery (working primarily with manufacturers) and one was a data company that tracks imports and exports of machinery equipment.  Integrity also sourced two experts on shale extraction.
  • Energy Data Sets: Client was interested in data sets covering the oilfield services and E&P industries. Integrity uncovered seven firms offering unique datasets in the energy sector. Four of the firms were industry consulting firms specialized in the energy sector, one was a data supplier, one was a newsletter publisher and one a shipping broker.  Available datasets covered drilling activity, refinery statistics, shipping and transportation, inventory, and demand metrics.
  • Survey of Independent Energy Research Providers – Client was interested in using independent energy research providers to supplement research received from brokers.  Integrity identified a wide range of providers including industry consultants, independent fundamental energy providers, data providers, and others.  Once the client selected the providers of interest, Integrity introduced the research providers to the client.
  • Wind Technology: Client was interested in finding industry consultants with expertise in wind technologies.  Integrity identified 3 industry consultants with wind technology expertise.  Deliverables included sample analysis and past projects, costs, strengths and weaknesses.