• Pharmaceutical Company Prescriptions – Client was interested in conducting ongoing research of a pharmaceutical company with three different drugs on the market to treat extremely rare diseases. The company thought a tracking survey of prescribing doctors might be most appropriate. Integrity found vendors who could conduct these surveys, but also recommended a lower cost option–firms that collect prescription data on the drugs produced by the company in question. The client licensed prescription data from one of the firms we recommended.
  • Surgical Systems Demand – Client was looking for a vendor to conduct a statistically relevant survey of hospital CEOs and CFOs to determine their purchase plans of a specific company’s surgical systems. Integrity found a firm to successfully conduct close to 150 interviews of these potential purchasers, and to produce a working revenue model from this data.
  • General Healthcare Surveys – Client was looking for a vendor to conduct a series of healthcare surveys which would enable their analysts to better forecast various segments of the industry. Integrity recommended three vendors that would save them over 25% over the price they paid for existing vendors. The client switched vendors.
  • Medical Device Company Revenues – Our client was ultimately interested in finding a way to predict the revenue and/or gross profit of different companies within the medical devices field who produce products designed for surgical treatment of a specific disorder. The client wanted projections focusing on the next 2 to 3 years. The client was also interested in finding out what the overall size of the market the companies operated in would be over the next 3 years. Integrity identified a cost effective survey option for the client, and also identified a healthcare boutique to manage the survey, both of which were hired by the client.
  • Healthcare Policy Experts – The client wanted to understand the impact of pending healthcare legislation on specific healthcare sectors. Integrity identified three firms focusing on the healthcare policy space who provided insights on pending legislation, likelihood of its passage, and potential impacts on the various healthcare sectors.

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