• Restaurant Chain Sales – Client was interested in a better sense of sales trends at a specific chain restaurant for the year-to-date period. Integrity recommended 5 potential research providers including an industry consultant and channel check survey providers. To help evaluate the potential sources, Integrity vetted the firm’s compliance practices, provided sample reports on the specific company of interest, a score card comparing each firm’s historical performance in predicting sales trends and fee quotes from the providers.
  • Video Game Trends – Client had been using sell-side research for trends and insight into the video game industry and wanted unique insight from independent firms which was not widely disseminated. Integrity recommended 2 firms with specialized capability in forecasting trends and 2 additional industry sources. The client hired three of the recommended sources.
  • Global Luxury/Sports Retailers – Client was looking to get ongoing sales information for 3 global sports apparel and/or luxury goods retailers. Integrity found multiple data sources that, on a collective basis, provided close to 80% of the store sales for these global retailers and reported this data before quarterly earnings were released.
  • Low Income BRIC Consumers – Client was interested in identifying survey research providers that could assist them in developing and implementing a market research study on consumer demand of low income respondents in the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Integrity recommended four global vendors who could fulfill the client’s research needs. Client hired one of the recommended vendors and successfully implemented the project.
  • Same Store Sales Estimates – Client was looking for a custom research firm to produce same store sales estimates on twenty-five U.S. retailers on a monthly and/or quarterly basis. Integrity identified six vendors who could produce these estimates based on primary surveys of store managers and consumers.
  • Clothing Sales in Europe – Client was interested in a high end clothing manufacturer, particularly in their performance in one European country. Integrity highlighted two providers with survey capabilities who had off the shelf research available on the retailer they were interested in.  Integrity also referred 3 industry sources, one a former senior buyer who had worked with the retailer, one a CEO of a competing retailer, and one a Managing Director of another competitor.

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