Nucleus195 Partners with Video & Live Streaming Provider


Stamford, CT based research aggregator Nucleus195 recently announced that it has partnered with technology provider Blingby to add video and live streaming capabilities to enhance research, investor roadshows, investor announcements, and conferences for both research providers and consumers.

Partnership with Blingby

Research aggregator Nucleus195 recently announced a new partnership with Blingby, a firm providing interactive digital content from video, live streaming and audio to enable research providers to enhance customer engagement.

Scott Duxbury, Nucleus195 Co-Founder. Explained the reason for the partnership, “Blingby technology is a product that the research space has needed for some time and combined with the Nucleus195 platform will help content providers expand their audience and enhance engagement whilst gaining analytical insight into the content and meta-content interaction.  Since seeing the technology for the first time we envisioned how it could help not only research producers but consumers as well.”

“We see Nucleus195 as an ideal partner for Blingby to enter the financial services industry,” said Marcia-Elizabeth Favale, Blingby CEO & Founder. “Market research shows a preference, given the same topic, for video over text. By 2022 video will account for over 80% of all internet-driven communication and the financial services industry is expected to account for 12.1% percent of total US digital ad spend in 2019 and 2020.”

Founded in 2017, Nucleus195 aggregates investment research from local brokers in emerging, frontier and developed markets in a transparent consumption-based platform.  The platform provides investors with research search, notation and share capabilities, real-time analyst comments and supported communication with research providers.

New York-based Blingby is a digital marketing and technology platform providing sophisticated analytics to enable content providers to enhance viewer engagement and maximize the monetization potential from streaming, native and live videos.

Our Take

The addition of Blingby’s interactive video capability wedded to their sophisticated user analytics should enable the providers on the Nucleus195 platform to enhance client engagement and provide differentiated research services they otherwise could not easily offer.  This should be a positive development for any research provider currently on or considering distributing via the Nucleus195 platform.

However, we remain unconvinced that this development will do very much to solve the real problem facing most research aggregators like Nucleus195 – and that is attracting research consumers to the platform in the first place and then convincing them to purchase the research already on the platform.  Ultimately, this is why most research firms engage with aggregators like Nucleus195 – to find effective ways to expand their paying client bases.




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