Sentieo Redistributes 10,000+ Third Bridge Research Reports


San Francisco-based financial search, data and research platform, Sentieo, recently announced that it has signed a deal to enable its investor and corporate clients to access more than 10,000 of Third Bridge’s research reports through its platform.

New Redistribution Deal

Sentieo | Financial and Corporate Research Platform

Sentieo recently inked its new redistribution deal with primary research firm Third Bridge (formerly called Cognolink) to provide clients with access to more than 10,000 written reports from Third Bridge’s Forum offering.

Mark Coriaty, Chief Revenue Officer, Sentieo explained the rationale for this new deal, “Third Bridge provides investment-critical insights for investors across the globe. We’re thrilled to enable joint customers to access these insights from the Sentieo platform they’re already using every day, providing them with uncharted insights that drive investment decisions.”

“We are excited to be able to deliver our research and content through Sentieo,” said James Cantarella, Head of Forum Distribution, Third Bridge. “We are constantly seeking ways to improve how our customers access our research and content. Adding our reports to the Sentieo platform enables them to gain even more value by putting it in the context of all the other data and content required as part of their research workflow.”

Third Bridge’s research team of more than 100 industry specialists applies a unique methodology to determine the most investable assets for public and private equity and credit investors.  The firm then conducts 5,000 interviews per year with internally vetted experts, covering over 4,000 private and public companies from 7 sectors.  Each 15-page interview transcript provides relevant insights to help clients make better investment decisions.  Third Bridge continuously monitors the companies they cover as well as industry news and events to determine the most relevant and pressing topics to explore.

About Sentieo

Co-founder Alap Shah was an analyst at Viking Global and Citadel before starting Sentieo at the end of 2011 with his brother Naman.  The Shah brothers spent the first few years quietly growing their client base prior to launching the product in May 2016.   At launch, the firm had around 60 clients, of which 70% were buy side, mostly hedge funds.  Clients include Balyasny Asset Management, Cadian Capital and Longhorn Capital Partners.  Sentieo also has sell side clients, located both in investment banking and research, as well as consulting firms, financial advisors, corporate development departments and day traders.  See our 2016 profile of Sentieo for more background on the firm.

Sentieo’s platform is designed to streamline the workflow of buy-side analysts, using AI to scan financial documents.  It replicates an equity data terminal, offering data visualization, financial models, company valuation and comps tables, as well as transcripts, reported financial statements with links to notes and indexed access to key filings/presentations, all organized by ticker.  The platform offers search capabilities powered by machine learning and natural language processing to sort through SEC documents, earnings call transcripts, press releases and other financial documents, now including news articles.

The platform was also an early adopter of alternative data, tracking web visits, Google Trends, and Twitter mentions for major products and companies as a whole.  The alternative data includes web search volume trends, website traffic from Alexa and, Apptopia app download rates and Twitter mentions in addition to “sandboxing” internal alternative datasets used by its hedge fund clients.

Sentieo’s core clients are hedge funds including five of the world’s top ten hedge funds.  The firm has also been marketing to investment banks, private equity firms and the IR function within corporations.  Customers pay around $500 to $1,000 per year per license for the firm’s software.

Our Take

Sentieo’s recent redistribution deal to provide its corporate and investor clients with access to more than 10,000 of Third Bridge’s written interview transcripts makes considerable sense for Sentieo and its customers as it just continues the firm’s efforts to add valuable content to its platform.

Currently, Sentieo provides access to hundreds of different third-party content sources, including:

  • Company filings, transcripts, press releases and IR presentations;
  • Real-time and aftermarket broker research;
  • News and trade publications;
  • Regulatory news;
  • Financial data including stock pricing, fundamental data, and macroeconomic data;
  • Private company data;
  • Professional Journals; and
  • Other sources

The recent deal also makes sense for UK-based Third Bridge.  Third Bridge was originally an expert network that focused on serving the strategic consulting and hedge fund community.  However, over the years the firm has broadened its client base to serve both investors and corporations across the globe.  At the same time the firm expanded its product offering by leveraging its network of experts to produce written research reports on companies, industries, and topics of relevance.  The new redistribution deal will provide a new outlet to enable its core client base to access Third Bridge’s unique research content.


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