Strategic Consulting

Integrity offers a limited amount of strategic consulting to asset managers on topics ranging from commission management to primary research to compliance due diligence.

Examples include:

  • Research Procurement — A medium-sized asset manager asked Integrity to evaluate their research procurement process to minimize payments to under-performing providers and suggest strategies to maximize the amount of research purchased with a declining budget.
  • Research Pricing – A large asset manager requested Integrity to provide research pricing benchmarks based on fees charged by independent research providers.
  • Primary Research – A medium-sized hedge fund asked Integrity to conduct an RFP process to identify survey providers with on the ground capabilities in a BRIC country for an ongoing survey.
  • Compliance– A medium-sized hedge fund contracted with Integrity to set up a due diligence process for external research providers.

For more information, please contact:
Tel: 212-845-9088
Fax: 212-845-9091