As investors implement best execution by consolidating trading counterparties through Client Commission Arrangements/Commission Sharing Arrangements (CCAs/CSAs), they also seek best research by proactively reviewing and managing their research ‘portfolio’. Integrity helps clients swap out underperforming providers and replace them with higher quality, cost effective providers.People Sitting Around a Table

Outlined below are the key components of Integrity’s portfolio review process.


Integrity conducts interviews with designated portfolio managers and analysts to understand their investment process and research needs, and to identify the research firms they value most.

Analysis of Current Research Portfolio

Integrity reviews the current research providers, analyzing the current providers in light of the client’s research requirements and its own evaluation of the providers.


Integrity tiers the current providers based on their quality and how well they fit investors’ research requirements, and recommends new providers to replace current providers which no longer meet the client’s criteria.

Deliverables include presentations and background materials on research providers recommended.

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