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The Integrity ResearchFocus® service provides in-depth “buyers guides” to the most popular types of non-traditional research, written for research directors and broker liaison staff. Each report is a comprehensive evaluation of all the research providers in each segment, and provides objective reviews and analysis of each firm. Recent reports cover the following topics:

Benefits of Integrity ResearchFocus®:

  • Integrity ResearchFocus® reports identify innovative, undiscovered providers that contribute to the performance of the investment process.
  • Save time and effort by pursuing only those firms that offer the specific types of analysis and products that are relevant.
  • By enabling the buy-side to compare the quality, features, and cost of all research providers in a given segment, Integrity ResearchFocus® reports allows institutional investors to save money by getting exactly what they want, at the best possible price.

All Integrity ResearchFocus® Reports include:

  • Overviews, definitions, and important trends impacting each segment of the research industry;
  • Charts, tables and commentary comparing each firm on a variety of relevant metrics, including analytic resources, research methodology, pricing, coverage, distribution strategies — all the factors that investors consider important in evaluating a research firm;
  • Candid reviews of each research firm in the segment with the strengths and weaknesses, and Integrity’s recommendations on how best to use the firm’s research;
  • New firms with differentiated capabilities which Integrity views as the “up and comers” in the segment;
  • Integrity’s Top Picks for the specific research segment — the firms with standout offerings which Integrity believes will have the broadest appeal to investors.

Upcoming Integrity ResearchFocus® reports:

  • Policy Research Firms
  • US Small Cap Research
  • CCAs/CSAs (Update)
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance Research

Integrity ResearchFocus® reports may be purchased individually or via subscription. For more information, please contact:
Tel: 212-845-9088
Fax: 212-845-9091

Integrity ResearchFocus is a registered trademark of Integrity Research Associates LLC.