• 4G Wireless Technology – Client wanted to learn more about the investment landscape for 4G technology, intellectual property issues, ongoing litigation, and the overall market outlook for 4G. Integrity recommended two types of research firms: wireless market research firms and intellectual property consultancy firms. The IP consultancies helped the client to evaluate the patents owned by the major players in the wireless industry and the likely outcomes of litigation. The wireless market research firms helped the client in estimating the overall demand and market outlook for 4G technology in the US and worldwide.
  • Enterprise Collaboration Software – Client needed to conduct an extremely time sensitive survey of Chief Technology Officers at corporations that used software produced by an Enterprise Software company. Integrity recommended two firms with extensive contacts, human and technological resources, and industry expertise that would allow them to conduct the survey in a fast and cost-effective manner. Client eventually made a successful investment in the software company of interest based on the outcome of the survey.
  • Electric Cars, Batteries, and Battery Technology – Client was interested in understanding trends in the electric car industry. Specific topics the client hoped to learn about included battery development and chemistry; which technologies worked and which could fail; and the potential economics of these developments. Integrity sourced research providers who could speak in great detail on these issues.
  • Advertising Outlook for Cable, TV, and Online – The client was interested in sourcing sales data and commentary on National Cable, National Broadcast, Local Broadcast TV advertising, and Online display advertising. Integrity found six industry consultants and data providers. The recommended firms provided data on a local, regional and/or national level. All firms had historical data on advertising spend.
  • Mobile Handset Launch Tracking – Integrity was asked to explore options for research surrounding the launch of a prominent new mobile handset product. The client was interested in how the launch of the new handset would be received by consumers, and tracking sales trends observed at retail outlets. The client was also interested in getting the opinions of wireless industry experts and suppliers. Integrity identified and recommended 5 independent research provders with the capability to provide the information needed, based on channel checks, point-of-sale tracking, and other forms of primary research.
  • Connected Home – Client was interested in finding research providers that covered Connected Home technologies, including video, data, and voice service providers, hardware manufacturers, and major software platforms for connected home systems. Integrity recommended a range of providers with unique industry insight and deep expertise in each of the major areas of interest to the client. Examples of providers recommended included several industry consultancies, a survey provider that conducts detailed, statistically significant surveys on household choices of connected home technologies, and data providers that collect data directly from set-top boxes, tracking devices, and from sales channels.
  • Wind Energy – The client was interested in finding industry consultants in the wind and alternative energy space. Integrity provided a list of providers with deep domain expertise in the space. This included an industry expert and three industry consulting firms. One of the industry consultancy firms tracked and published on a regular basis, renewable energy-related U.S. legislative, policy and regulatory information.
  • Surgical Systems – Client was looking for a vendor to conduct a statistically significant survey of hospital CEOs and CFOs to determine their purchase plans for a specific company’s surgical systems. Integrity found a firm to successfully conduct 150 interviews of potential purchasers, and to produce a working revenue model from this data.
  • Video Game Trends – Client had been using sell-side research for trends and insight into the video game industry and wanted unique insight from independent firms which was not widely disseminated. Integrity recommended 2 firms with specialized capability in forecasting trends and 2 additional industry sources. The client hired three of the recommended sources.
  • Medical Devices – Client was interested in finding a way to predict the revenues and gross profit of medical devices companies which produce products designed for surgical treatment of a specific disorder. The client wanted sales projections for the next two to three years. The client was also interested in finding out what the overall size of the market for the devices would be over the next three years. Integrity identified a cost effective survey option for the client, and also identified a fundamental research firm specializing in healthcare with the ability to manage the survey, both of which were hired by the client.
  • Handset Sales – Client was looking for proprietary data sources on the wireless communications industry that could be used to improve their estimates of cellular handset sales in the US. Integrity discovered six vendors, consultants, and market research firms that collected regular data on this industry, and who did not regularly sell this data back to institutional investors.

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