Webinar: The Convergence of Investment Research & Alternative Data


This Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at 11:00 am, Integrity Research Associates will host the next in its series of live ResearchInsights webinars featuring two experienced executives in the research and alternative data industries to discuss The Convergence of Investment Research and Alternative Data.   

This Week’s Live Webinar

In the past few years, many have heralded the increased importance of alternative data to the investment research process of hedge funds, mutual funds and pension funds.  Simultaneously, many industry analysts have suggested that the traditional investment research industry is struggling due to pressures brought on by the decline in commission rates, MiFID II, and the shift to passive investing.

Despite these trends, there are growing signs that the investment research and alternative data industries are converging as firms try to provide investors with both unique insights, signals, and the data that drives these insights and signals.    On June 30th, 2021 a panel of two experienced executives from the research and alternative data industries will discuss this trend, and will identify the challenges and opportunities this creates for both producers of alternative data and research, and the consumers of this content.  A few of the topics these panelists will discuss includes:

  • Why add research insights to an alt data business or alt data to a research business?
  • What are the key challenges that alternative data providers face in making this transition?
  • What are the main benefits that buy-side clients enjoy from working with firms that combine alternative data and research insights? What are the key negatives?
  • What is the current state of alternative data adoption within the asset management industry? What are their biggest issues in adding alt data to their research process?
  • What are some new types of alt data that both vendors and clients should be looking at?
  • How does a firm mitigate the business risk of one or more of their data partners exiting the business?
  • In a post pandemic world, will more firms provide hybrid data/research products or will fewer firms do so, and why?

Click here to register for this week’s live panel discussion. The two executives on this week’s panel include:

Vinicius Vincanti, Co-Founder & CEO of YipitData

Mr. Vacanti is the co-founder and CEO of YipitData, a 200-person New York City fintech startup specializing in analyzing the growing amount of alternative data for institutional investors and corporations. Founded in 2015, YipitData works with over 300 of the world’s largest hedge funds, long-only funds, and companies. Previously, he was a member of the investment team at Quadrangle Group, a $2 billion TMT focused fund, and he was an investment banking analyst in Blackstone Group’s M&A practice.

Steven Weinstein, Chief Strategy Officer, M Science

Steven is the chief strategy officer and a member of the executive team. He has led coverage of the TMT vertical and expanded this coverage within new businesses and geographies. Steven’s work has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal’s Best on the Street and Institutional Investor’s All-Star Survey. Prior to M Science, Steve was lead internet analyst at Investment Technology Group, and he was a partner at Pacific Crest, where he led the firm’s global internet research initiatives.

This week’s live panel discussion is the eighth in a series of events organized by Integrity Research Associates covering various sectors, themes, and topics that asset manager clients have asked about.  Click this link to register for this week’s free webinar.


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Mike Mayhew is one of the leading experts on the investment research industry. In addition to founding Integrity Research, Mike is on the board of directors of Investorside Research Association, the non-profit trade association for the independent research industry, and a frequent speaker on research industry trends and developments. Mike has over thirty years of research industry experience. Email: Michael.Mayhew@integrity-research.com

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