Aletheia Capital Partners with Rosenblatt for US Distribution

By Michael Mayhew June 23, 2020

Aletheia Capital, a Hong Kong based investment advisory firm, recently announced that it has partnered with New York institutional brokerage Rosenblatt Securities to increase the distribution of its investment research to U.S. based institutional customers.

The Recently Announced Deal

Aletheia Capital on Twitter: "This is a must read - Dr. Jim's 2019 ...

Founded in 2018, Aletheia Capital is a privately held institutionally oriented research provider headquartered in Hong Kong.  As mentioned previously, the firm struck a partnership with Rosenblatt Securities to market Aletheia’s research to U.S. based institutional clients – particularly those who focus on the technology sector – a sector which both companies cover.

“Our partnership with Rosenblatt dramatically increases our footprint in North America and allows us to have strong access to not only Asia-focused US accounts but also US/Global focused North American accounts, especially those that invest heavily in the technology sector, where Rosenblatt specializes”, said Ali Naqvi, CEO of Alētheia Capital.

Joe Gawronski, President of Rosenblatt, added “Understanding the global supply chain has always been a hallmark of our tech offering and we are continually seeking ways to deliver differentiated product to our clients. We are both fortunate and excited to be able to partner with Alētheia to add to our momentum. Our well-known franchise in semis will be enhanced further by the unique local insights Alētheia delivers on the supply chain with boots-on-the-ground in Asia, particularly at a time when the difficulty of travel and the wild swings in the market place a premium on that information flow. We believe this will add tremendous value to our investor base. Additionally, the thematic overlay of Alētheia’s macro and strategy products helps us to increase our relevance with portfolio managers, its financials coverage complements our own FinTech coverage, and overall the combined product gives us scale”.

Our Take

Hong Kong-based Aletheia Capital employs or represents approximately 20 former sell-side and buy-side analysts and provides macro-economic, strategic / thematic, and quantitative research products, as well as fundamental research coverage for the technology, China internet, and financials sectors.

Rosenblatt Securities is a New York-based broker-dealer that has developed a research partnership model with 16 local international brokers to cover emerging and frontier stocks.  These partners employ more than a hundred analysts domiciled in 25 countries, covering more than a thousand stocks.  In addition, over the past few years the firm has added 8 senior fundamental research analysts currently covering 97 stocks in the semiconductor, software, cloud communications and networking, internet, consumer technology, industrial technology, and, the market structure, financial technology and payments sectors.

The recently announced deal between Aletheia Capital and Rosenblatt Securities makes considerable sense for both parties as they look to expand their institutional client bases with U.S. based investors interested in global technology companies and these firms’ respective supply chains.  In Rosenblatt, Aletheia found an excellent research distribution partner due to their complementary research coverage, their similar research philosophy, and their familiarity working with local brokers.  It will be interesting to watch both firms in the coming few years to see how they adapt to the numerous changes taking place in the investment research marketplace.

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