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Study: Analysts Boost Stocks Before Career Change

An academic study from the University of California, Berkeley argues that sell-side analysts write favorable research about companies held by the buy-side firms they plan to join, identifying a new ...
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Study Shows Disclosure Increases ESG Rating Disagreements

A recent academic study found that greater disclosure of ESG information has the perverse effect of increasing the disparities among ESG ratings, which the study authors attribute to the subjective ...
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Academic Study Confirms Greater Reliance on Sell-Side Research During Pandemic

Analysts increased their research output and the impact of their research grew as Covid-19 spread during the first quarter of 2020 according to a study from the University of London.  ...

Study: Inconsistent Analyst Revisions May be Rational

A recent study from the University of Kansas indicates that inconsistencies in analyst revisions may not be the result of analyst bias or conflicts of interest, as has been written ...

Study: Robo-Analysts Outdo Traditional Research Analysts

According to a recently published academic study, “robo-analysts” provide investors with a number of benefits over their human counterparts, including producing a more balanced distribution of buy, hold and sell ...

Novel Database is Better at Measuring and Predicting Core Earnings and Stock Prices

A recently published study by three Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan professors based on a novel database provided by New Constructs shows that (a) markets do not efficiently assess ...

Academic Study Shows Differing Buy-Side Use Of SEC Data

A flawed working paper which attempts to show that hedge funds accessing SEC filings posted superior returns nevertheless yields insights into how the buy-side leverages electronic filings. A study titled “Do Hedge ...

Study: Cash Equities Will Be Victim of Buy-Side Pressures

Cash equities will continue to struggle because of asset manager fee compression and a shift in priorities at investment banks from institutional investors to corporate clients, according to a study ...
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New Study Finds Benefits In Unbundling Research From Execution

A new academic study examines changes in the investment research market caused by unbundling research payments from commissions. Although the full impact of unbundling has not yet been felt, the ...

Study Predicts Turnaround in Turnover Ratios

Abel Noser Solutions, a trade cost analysis provider, released a report predicting that turnover ratios have stopped falling and will rebound, according to an article in Traders Magazine. While encouraging, ...
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