Sentieo Adds Content from Expert Network GLG to Platform


Sentieo, the San Francisco-based financial intelligence platform designed for investors, recently announced a partnership with expert network GLG to add content generated by its panel of experts to Sentieo’s library of data and content sources.

Sentieo’s Latest Content Partnership

Last week, Sentieo announced that it has inked a partnership with GLG, to include the global expert network’s exclusive content, including teleconference transcripts, webcasts featuring subject matter experts, market-driven conversations, and company analyses to the Sentieo platform. 

GLG’s content will enhance Sentieo’s existing library of thousands of global content sources, including company filings, IR presentations, earnings call transcripts, press releases, stock prices, fundamental company data, broker research, trade publications, and broad range of news sources.  The Sentieo platform also offers sophisticated search capabilities powered by machine learning and natural language processing.  GLG’s proprietary content on the Sentieo platform will only be available to GLG customers.   

Dan Kean, Head of Partnerships at Sentieo explained this newest deal, saying “We are thrilled to partner with GLG and offer customers access to premier expert insights and data to better inform strategic investment decisions.  Our partnership underscores our commitment to empowering fundamental research teams with the data, tools, and resources needed to more efficiently conduct research and more quickly uncover winning insights for the benefit of their clients.” 

Our Take

Founded in late 2011 by former hedge fund analyst Alep Shah and his brother Naman, Sentieo is a financial research engine designed for investors.  Sentieo is currently used by over 1,000 customers, including 800 institutional investment firms.  Last week, Sentieo was acquired by New York-based search engine, AlphaSense.

The recent deal with GLG is not the first time Sentieo has added proprietary content from an expert network to its platform.  In June 2020, Sentieo, signed a deal to enable its investor and corporate clients to access more than 10,000 of UK-based expert network provider Third Bridge’s research reports through its platform.  Parent company AlphaSense also recently added expert transcripts to its platform.  In October 2021, AlphaSense acquired Stream by Mosaic, an expert network that mainly focuses on generating a library of interviews with industry experts.

Sentieo’s deal with GLG makes considerable sense for both firms.  Clearly, the deal enables Sentieo to add unique and valuable content to its platform.  In addition, Sentieo has become a new distribution channel for GLG to enable its customers to easily access its content.  We would not be surprised if Sentieo were to add content from other expert networks to its platform in the future, as institutional investors have historically found expert networks to be a key source of insight for their research processes.


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