The primary market research industry is huge, with over $23 billion in revenues.  The portion of the industry focused on financial markets is a tiny sliver, representing only $208 million in revenues, according to Integrity Research’s estimate.  Nevertheless, finding survey firms that understand the requirements of financial analysts can be daunting.

In this Integrity ResearchFocus® report we highlight survey firms that have experience in working with financial analysts at sell-side or buy-side institutions.  We also provide insights on how financial analysts use survey firms, background on the industry and regulatory/compliance issues.  We profile around 50 survey firms and offer as bonus material a best practices guide to conducting successful surveys.

In producing this report, Integrity Research collaborated with ValueNotes, which has special expertise in analyzing outsourcing firms, including offshore survey firms.  Both firms contributed to the writing and editing of the report.

Integrity ResearchFocus is a registered trademark of Integrity Research Associates, LLC.