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Inex One Launches Advisory Board

Inex One, the Stockholm-based expert network aggregator, recently announced the launch of its advisory board to help provide strategic guidance for the firm’s business development, compliance and product innovation initiatives. ...

HSBC Launches AI Based Equities Indices for Global Client Base

HSBC Amanah Malaysia Bhd is using artificial intelligence to analyze US companies and construct a US Equity 5 Index (AiPEX5) suite of structured products to be launched in Malaysia.  HSBC ...
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Wells Fargo’s Research Will Not Be Immune from Layoffs

Troubled Wells Fargo is reportedly cutting up to 25% of its staff across all business lines and it is unlikely that its low-profit cash equities unit will be exempted.  We ...

Wall Street Jobs Outlook Turns Bullish in August

Layoffs on Wall Street dipped in August to the lowest monthly level recorded in more than ten years, while new hiring surged to the highest level seen since January 2018.  ...
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Redburn Revenues Slump Further Post-MiFID II

Redburn, one of Europe’s largest research boutiques, has seen its revenues fall 20% from a high of £96.4 million ($128 million) in the twelve months ended March 31, 2017 to ...

Mizuho Americas Adds Senior Energy Analyst

Earlier this week, global investment bank Mizuho Americas announced the hiring of former BMO Capital Markets research analyst Daniel Boyd, CFA as Managing Director and senior equity research analyst covering ...
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Why US Broker Research Is More Lucrative: US Commission Payments for Research More Rewarding Than Other Forms of Payment

Payments to US brokers via commissions average nearly $50,000 per year for research services, substantially higher than the $30,000 average paid via commission sharing agreements (CSAs) and via soft dollar ...

Bloomberg’s Research Keeps Expanding Despite Doomsayers

Bloomberg’s proprietary research product, Bloomberg Intelligence, launched a market structure practice led by Larry Tabb, formerly head of the TABB Group. The ongoing expansion of Bloomberg Intelligence undercuts recent predictions ...

2020 Euro IRP Survey: Research Pricing Still Top Issue for IRPs

Euro IRP, the trade association for independent research providers that have clients or business activities in Europe, recently published its 2020 member survey.   – the 4th consecutive year this survey ...
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No, AlphaValue Has Not Merged with Baader Bank

There is a rumor going around that Baader Bank has absorbed AlphaValue after making a minority investment a year ago.  The reality is that AlphaValue remains independently owned, despite deepening ...
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