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Study Shows Axiomatics Data Predicts Company Stock Returns

In a recent study published by Alan Kwan, PhD from the University of Hong Kong, company growth estimates based on employee benefits data from vendor Axiomatics Data outperformed the market ...
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Boutique Melius Research Partners with Guggenheim Securities

Melius Research, an independent research firm founded four years ago by three ranked industrials analysts, has allied with Guggenheim Securities to support investment banking transactions such as IPOs and syndications.  ...

Seaport Research Partners adds II Ranked Healthcare Analyst to Team

New York based investment bank, Seaport Global Securities, recently announced that II Ranked Healthcare analyst Joe France, CFA, has recently joined the firm’s Seaport Research Partners (SRP) team, a platform ...
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ESG Data Firm Arabesque Expands Quickly

London-based Arabesque, which is both an asset manager and an ESG data provider, has been hiring aggressively since raising $22 million in capital.  Most of the investment is being channeled ...
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Wall Street Jobs Outlook Continues to Brighten in April

The Wall Street employment picture improved in April 2021 as layoffs fell more than 39% from the prior month, and new hiring plans surged 137% over the same period.  As ...
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Expert Network Recruiting Rebounds After Pandemic Doldrums

Open positions posted by expert networks are now three times higher than during the depths of the pandemic, according to data collected by Inex One, a marketplace for expert networks.[1] ...
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Crowd-sourced Estimize Merges with Quantitative Research Firm ExtractAlpha

Estimize, a niche data provider which collects earnings forecasts from individual contributors, will be combined with ExtractAlpha, a Hong-Kong based firm offering predictive investment models.  The CEO of ExtractAlpha will ...

Neuravest Adds Head of Data & Strategy, Opens NYC Office

Atlanta based Neuravest Research, a provider of AI-driven investment solutions, recently announced the hiring of JP Gravitt as Head of Data & Strategy.  Gravitt will also staff and open Neuravest’s ...

Expert Network Lynk Allies with UBS

Hong Kong-based expert network Lynk has cut a deal with UBS offering access to experts in return for UBS promoting Lynk to its buy-side clients.  The move follows a $24 ...

Consverge Announces New Advisory Board Members & Lead Investors

UK-based expert network aggregator, Consverge, announced today that three well known industry executives have joined the firm’s advisory board and will also become co-lead investors in the company’s latest investment ...
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